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Nephrostomy Care Intro

Crystallized urine in nephrostomy tube

Developed for a Radiology Faculty member to demonstrate what the radiologist sees when looking at the right portal vein and right hepatic vein for stent placement.

DynaTRIM™ medical device for Targeted Trans-Rectal Interventional MRI for acquiring prostate biopsies.

PowerPoint animation slide created for a
UT Southwestern Neuroradiology Fellow to demonstrate the effect of Diamox (acetazolamide) on blood flow in the cerebral vasculature. 

Two UTSW Radiology faculty members received a grant from the AUR (Association of University Radiologists) to produce 9 videos (course units), one per month, focusing on Emotional Intelligence for radiology management. This 5-minute presentation was requested by the AUR to show at their annual conference as an overall synopsis of the project. The final videos will be enduring material for both the AUR as well as the UTSW Department of Radiology.  

PowerPoint animation slide created for a 
UT Southwestern Radiology resident for RSNA 2021.

Vasculature of human brain - Regions
Developed for a Radiology Faculty member as part of a brain anatomy
refresher course for Radiology residents.

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